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WEA Trust Touts High-Tech Tag Team For Health

MADISON, Wisconsin – As part of its efforts to incorporate smart, cost-efficient technology into health care, the WEA Trust is adding a tool to its Amwell telehealth benefit. WEA Trust members who sign up for Amwell before February 15, 2016 will receive a complimentary Kinsa Smart Thermometer.

The WEA Trust and Amwell partnership kicked off in July 2015, offering members the convenience of live doctor visits anywhere, anytime through an internet-connected device. This has resulted in thousands of WEA Trust members getting access to high-quality, convenient care at a much lower cost than traditional office, urgent care, or ER visits.

The average cost of an urgent care visit in Wisconsin is $300. Conversely, the cost of an Amwell e-visit is $39, with most WEA Trust members paying just $5 of the overall cost. Doctors on Amwell diagnose and treat the minor conditions that drive many urgent care visits, such as ear infections, sinusitis, and allergies.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer works with smartphones and tablets to quickly and accurately take a temperature and automatically records fever, symptoms and notes. An accurate temperature and symptom record helps Amwell doctors better diagnose conditions such as the flu or pneumonia. 

“Our business customers had an overwhelmingly positive response when we rolled out Amwell e-visits last July,” said Jon Klett, WEA Trust’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing, & Product Development. “Since then, they’ve realized the money they can save if more of their employees use Amwell. We came up with the Kinsa promotion to help drive these sign ups.”  

In the last six months, member feedback showed that 50% of Amwell e-visits prevented expensive urgent care and ER visits. Beyond the bottom line impact, many employers enjoy offering Amwell to engage and retain staff.

“I love offering a tool like Amwell to my employees,” said John Zegers, District Administrator of West De Pere School District. “I’ve heard so many positive reviews from staff that I’m almost excited to get sick enough to use it myself!”

Gayle Lassen, an Elementary Guidance Counselor from West Salem, has her own positive review: “Amwell is incredibly easy and efficient. The best way to describe it is to say that it's FaceTime with a doctor. I highly recommend this service for anyone who doesn't have time to make an appointment and drive to a doctor's office.”

Eligible WEA Trust members can sign up for Amwell at WeaTrust.Amwell.com to earn their complimentary Kinsa Smart Thermometer.

The WEA Trust provides group health insurance and administrative services to public employers throughout Wisconsin. The not-for-profit WEA Trust was created in 1970 to insure Wisconsin school district employees. Today, the WEA Trust offers its top-rated service and quality benefits to all state, county, and municipal groups.

About American Well

American Well is transforming the way healthcare is delivered through telehealth. American Well makes online doctor visits accessible to everyone for one-off care issues like colds or infections, and chronic condition management, such as diabetes or depression. We deliver healthcare into people’s homes and workplaces through our work with top health plans, health systems and employers, as well as our telehealth app, Amwell. A patient using Amwell can be connected to a board-certified doctor of their choosing in just minutes for a visit carried out over smartphone, tablet, kiosk, phone, or desktop.

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About Kinsa

Kinsa’s mission is to create the world’s first real-time map of human health to help communities better track, treat, and stop the spread of illness. To accomplish this mission, Kinsa has reimagined the world’s most common medical device, creating the first FDA-cleared app-enabled thermometer that automatically remembers fever, symptoms and notes. Kinsa has been featured on the TODAY Show and Good Morning America, appeared in Apple’s Parenthood commercial, and won several technology, innovation & design awards, including the 2013 Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Grand Prize. Kinsa is venture-backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, FirstMark Capital and others for a total of $12.2M in funding to date.