WEA Trust Election

Trustee Election

What is the election for?

Trustees of the Wisconsin Education Association Insurance Trust (Trust) oversee the operations of both the Trust and its wholly owned insurance subsidiary, the WEA Insurance Corporation. Trustees are elected by Trust policyholders to staggered three-year terms. Three Trustee positions are being selected this election cycle.

Why Should I Vote?

The election gives Trust policyholders a voice in governance by deciding who oversees the operations of the Trust.

How do I vote?

Shortly before the 2021 voting period opens, Trust policyholders will receive information by mail on how to cast a vote through a secure website or by phone.  Voting is open from April 9 through May 10, 2021. 

What's the Election Process?

1. Nominating period

If you are interested in being a candidate for one of the three available seats in 2021, fill out and submit this application by December 31, 2020. Please note, you do not need to fill out the ADP Background Check Authorization form until you are notified that you are an official candidate of the 2021 Election. 

Download Application (Word Doc)

Download Application (PDF)

Download ADP Background Check Authorization

2. Candidate Bio Information

Candidate bio information will be available after the nomination process (January 25, 2021).

3. Cast your vote
Voting will occur from April 9 through May 10, 2021.



2021 Election Winners

2021 Election winners will be announced after the official confirmation of the newly-elected Trustees on May 22, 2021.

Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for the policies and operation of the Trust and its subsidiary insurance corporation.