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The decision to change your health benefits to new carrier can be a complex process. Our Sales team is excited to work with your municipality if you’re interested in switching to the League Health Plan. We recommend establishing a relationship with a health insurance broker to assist with this process. Brokers can help you with essential tasks like completing the proper paperwork and building your benefit plan. To request a quote, you need to fill out the WEA Trust Proposal Checklist and Medical Questionnaire. Submit these documents to your WEA Trust Account Executive or health insurance broker. 

WEA Trust Proposal Checklist Medical Questionnaire  

Leaving the state health plan?

WEA Trust will provide health insurance quotes to groups currently on the State Health Plan. Please follow the WEA Trust Proposal Checklist. Additionally, the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) has specific requirements for employers that wish to leave the State Health Plan. Employers should work with their broker and/or ETF to understand the full process of leaving the State Health Plan. Below there is basic background information regarding this issue.

  1. Employers must submit a resolution to withdraw before the 15th of October of the current year.
  2. After a resolution to withdraw has been submitted, an Employer has until December 1st to rescind the resolution to withdraw.
  3. Once withdrawn, the employer cannot return to Public Employers’ Health Insurance Program until three years after the withdrawal date. Please contact ETF for more information on the process of returning to the State Health Plan.


The employer has specific responsibilities during the process of withdrawing and terminating their coverage with ETF. Please contact ETF for detailed information on your responsibilities during this process.

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