Vitality Wellness Programs For Health Care Participants

Vitality Wellness Program


WEA Trust doesn’t believe in leaving your workplace wellness to chance. If you want to impact wellness at your organization, you need tools, resources and excellent service. That’s where Vitality comes in. 

WEA Trust is partnering with Vitality to offer a wellness solution that works for all Wisconsin public employers. WEA Trust’s Vitality product is truly a turnkey wellness solution. It combines best-in-class wellness program benchmarks—like biometric screenings and health risk assessments—with an engaging platform that makes rewarding your employees easy. Your Vitality Account Manager will serve you every step of the way, from launch to analysis. You’ll get guidance and templates to communicate with your staff, and the employer portal will give you reports in real-time. 

With Vitality, there’s no need to start from scratch or wonder if your wellness efforts are working. Vitality is a world leader in wellness, and the newest Vitality program platform is available to WEA Trust health plan customers and their employees at no additional cost.

*Vitality is not available to State Health Plan or Medicare-prime members.

Vitality Product Features

Turnkey Solution for You

With Vitality, even time-strapped and budget-conscious employers can help their employees be healthier, happier and more productive. Both large and small employers love how easy it is to implement and use Vitality. 


  • A dedicated Vitality Account Manager helps you launch Vitality, making sure staff gets—and stays—engaged. 
  • Your account manager will help facilitate member education meetings, webinars, communication materials, on-site health events and challenges. You will have regular status calls, calendar planning and report reviews with them.


  • Use the employer Vitality login within our Vitality Information Portal (VIP) to send employee messages and access Vitality promotional materials 24/7.  
  • Need to promote a wellness challenge or event? All the materials you’ll need—from posters to mobile push notifications—are pre-loaded and customizable on VIP. 


  • If you have 25 employees or more, you can access aggregate reporting on your staff’s engagement metrics and population health risks.  
  • Metrics are available in real-time. Plus, aggregate reports are created monthly, quarterly, and annually. 

Vitality Enhancements

Seriously Engaging for Your Staff 

Based on more than 17 years of behavioral and actuarial science, Vitality knows what it takes to successfully put wellness to work. It starts with engagement. Vitality’s average employee participation is 8x higher than the industry average.

How? Vitality delivers a fun, convenient, and personalized program to help make employees healthier and more productive. 

  • Vitality Age – The wellness journey starts here. The Vitality Age compares an individual’s health risk-related age to his or her actual age. The tool is a high-impact, yet easy-to-understand, motivator for change. 
  • Personal PathwayTM – Each participant will follow a personalized plan to achieve his or her own wellness goals. No two paths are the same! 
  • Vitality Today – Vitality’s mobile app keeps wellness top-of-mind and accessible. 
  • Integrated Wellness Network – Vitality syncs with 100+ wearable devices and thousands of gyms, making it easy to track points and earn rewards. 
  • Vitality Bucks – Employees can use Vitality Bucks to “buy” rewards of their choosing, like Gift Cards.