Activate vs. Elevate | Vitality Wellness Program Chart

Activate vs. Elevate

Know Your Health
Vitality Health Review™ (Vitality's Health Risk Assessment)
Physical Activity Review
Mental Well-being Review
Biometric Screening (Participation Points)
Biometric Screening (Points for In-Range Measures)
Healthy Kids (e.g., Kids Health Review, Immunizations, Sports Leagues)
Preventive Screening Vitality Points
Full Compliance with HIPAA, ACA, GINA and Other Applicable Regulations

Improve Your Health
Goals for Lifestyle Risks – Physical Activity and Nutrition
Goals and Points for Improving Biometric Outcomes
Gym Workouts to Upload via Portal or Mobile App
Fitness Device Integration and Tracking
Vitality Challenges Platform
Vitality Champ Program
Employer's Onsite Activities – Award Vitality Points
Vitality Today Mobile App
Disease Management and Maternity Management Points
Vitality HealthyFood™
Health Content and Articles

Reward Your Health
Basic Vitality Contribution Manager™ 
Full Vitality Contribution Manager (including Outcome-based Structures) 
Vitality Mall 
Vitality Squares™
Device Subsidy Program