FAQs for the Vitality Wellness Program

Vitality FAQs

Q:When can I get Vitality?

Most WEA Trust health plan customers will receive Vitality upon their renewal, starting July 1, 2016. 

New WEA Trust customers can get Vitality starting July 1, 2016. 

Q:How do I get Vitality?

Vitality's standard Activate product is available to WEA Trust health plan customers at no additional cost. You will be assigned a Vitality Account Manager to help implement the program and launch to your staff. 


Talk to your WEA Trust Sales Account Manager if you are interested in Vitality's Elevate product, which includes spouses in year one and premium engagement features like the HealthyFoodTM program.

Q:Can I use my own biometric screening vendors?

Vitality has excellent partnerships with vendors, and it’s easiest to use them. If you choose to use your own vendors, there will be an additional fee. Please work with your Vitality Account Manager to learn more. 

Q:How is WEA Trust’s Vitality different from HumanaVitality®?

WEA Trust focuses on the user experience. Our Vitality wellness product has the newest platform, newest features like the Personal PathwayTM, and offers you more support. With WEA Trust, you get:

  • Most up-to-date mobile app and web portal
  • Newest tools and programs
  • Access to more rewards
  • Vitality Bucks that don’t expire for participating employees
  • Dedicated Vitality account management support specifically for WEA Trust customers
  • Access to Vitality’s specialized customer service team