Vitality Enhancement Options | Activate and Elevate

Vitality Enhancements

What are your options?

WEA Trust offers employers two distinct wellness product offerings: Activate and Elevate.

Activate is available to most WEA Trust groups at no additional cost upon their renewal and to new groups starting July 1, 2016. The Activate product is a comprehensive program designed to activate and reward wellness at your workplace, focusing on employees in year one. Key activities include the Vitality Health Review, a Vitality Check, earning Vitality Bucks and much more.

Elevate takes all components of Activate and adds premium engagement features to help you take wellness to the next level. Elevate is available as a buy-up option. Some of Elevate’s premium features include:

Q:Extended Vitality membership for both a primary subscriber AND spouse/domestic partner

Elevate brings Vitality to your employees' families, helping impact more of your health plan members and increasing your potential for cost savings.

Q:One-of-a-kind Vitality HealthyFood™ program rewards members for nutritious food purchases

The Vitality HealthyFood™ program helps make healthier eating more affordable and accessible for employees and their families. Through Vitality’s exclusive partnership with Walmart, members earn Vitality Points and save money on future purchases when they buy nutritious foods. 

With this program, your employees receive up to 10% savings on healthy foods, including the Great For You™ foods, purchased at 4,000+ Walmart stores throughout the country. Vitality members can increase their savings from 5% to 10% upon completion of a biometric screening, leveraging this unique member benefit to drive broader program participation.

The Vitality HealthyFood™ program network also has another 12,000 locations, including 70 grocery store chains, such as Pick'n Save and Piggly Wiggly.

Q:Market-differentiating program features including the Kids Health Review.

The Vitality Kids Health Review is a tool accessed through the wellness portal to assist parents in evaluating the health of the entire family unit. 

The Vitality Kids Health Review is offered through Vitality’s Healthy Kids program. Healthy Kids encourages the whole family to get involved with wellness by allowing your employee to submit – and earn Vitality Points for – activities involving their child (e.g., if their child has a flu shot, has another immunization, and/or participates in an athletic event, sports league, or other practices/lessons requiring physical activity [e.g., karate, dance lessons]).

Q:Vitality’s Intelligent Incentives™ structure allows for multiple reward types with differing underlying behavior motivators, like outcomes-based rewards.

Incentive design, management, and fulfillment are handled directly by your Vitality Account Manager. Through Vitality’s Intelligent Incentives™ model, our reward methodologies are based on different behavior motivators (i.e., self-interest, regret and aversion theory, game mechanics, etc.). We know that individuals are motivated differently, and offering more than one way to reward that motivation drives high engagement in a program. 

Vitality also offers the Vitality Contribution Manager, a tool that can provide your payroll system with the reporting necessary to allocate a higher or lower share of health plan costs to the employee depending on Vitality engagement. This approach can be used to reduce annual costs to you through employee contribution adjustments, while encouraging employee accountability for lifestyle choices.