FAQs About WEA-Med Plus Benefits and Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do I get more information and materials?

For printed materials or details, please contact our customer service team at 800.279.4000

Q:Where can I get prescription eyeglasses?

We recommend you select an in-network NVA vision retailer because you will get the best reimbursement. 

You can find one near you at e-nva.com or by calling 877.262.7915. We also recommend seeing an eye care provider in the NVA vision network. 

Q:What should I do at my next vision appointment?

If you see an NVA Network provider for your next routine vision exam, let them know you have NVA insurance effective January 1. Show them your new WEA Trust ID Card, which you will receive in December. Your provider should verify your eligibility and handle sending claims to NVA.   


If you see a vision provider that is not in the NVA Network, you must pay the entire cost of the service at the time of service, and then submit a completed claim form to NVA for processing.  You can request a claim form from NVA or print one off our website at WEAtrust.com/medplus.

Q:What is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is a comprehensive well-being program designed for seniors. SilverSneakers includes free access to more than 17,000+ fitness locations nationwide, exercise equipment and other amenities, group exercise classes led by certified instructors, a social support network and online resources.

Q:How do I use SilverSneakers?

Simply show your WEA-MedPlus ID card or your SilverSneakers ID Card at the front desk of any participating location to use the benefit. You can find participating locations and classes at silversneakers.com.

Q:What fitness locations can I use?

You can use any of the 17,000 participating SilverSneakers locations nationwide at any time, including traditional fitness centers, community centers, parks and more. To find locations by ZIP code, you can visit silversneakers.com or call SilverSneakers Customer Service at 888.423.4632.


On average, each MedPlus member lives two miles from a SilverSneakers location. If you’d rather work out at home or can’t get to a fitness facility, you can request an at-home workout kit.