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MedPlus Eligibility Quiz

WEA Trust created WEA-MedPlus as a custom health plan alternative for retired Wisconsin public employees. MedPlus is a unique Medicare wraparound plan that includes routine vision coverage and gives members access to the SilverSneakers® Fitness program. 

This short quiz will help you determine if you're eligible to apply for WEA-MedPlus. The quiz will take less than five minutes to complete. 

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When to Enroll

You may apply for coverage under the WEA-MedPlus Plan at any time once you meet our eligibility criteria. However, if you do not enroll during the during the six-month period following the effective date of your Medicare Part B coverage, you must demonstrate that you were continuously covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan that provided coverage equivalent to or better than a basic Medicare supplement plan, during the six months immediately preceding your application for WEA-MedPlus. For more information on WEA-MedPlus, call the Trust at 800.279.4000.

For a detailed list of eligibility requirements, download our complete eligibility guide.

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WEA-MedPlus Member, Rose Clancy, loves the personal and prompt customer service she gets from WEA Trust