Stock a Classroom Grant

Stock a Classroom Grant

Amazed by Wisconsin Educators!

As a thank you to the amazing educators in Wisconsin, we asked public school personnel to tell us what they would do with a $1,000 Stock-a-Classroom grant. 

We were not disappointed with the responses! In fact, we received 731 passionate submissions from Wisconsin school personnel!

We randomly chose 20 submissions from educators and awarded them each a $1,000 grant to help support their 2021-2022 school year's classroom supply needs. 

See the Passion of Wisconsin Educators in the Below Quotes Pulled from Several of the Winners' Submissions 

A full list of the 20 winners' names and schools is available on our blog.  

Important Information: The drawing for the $1,000 grant is only available to WEA Trust health plan members. Due to ETF guidelines, State Health Plan members are unable to receive incentives. Employees of NeuGen, LLC and their dependents are not eligible to win. Non-members are not eligible for the grant and will be removed from the drawing. Only one submission per household is allowed. Grants will be made out to the school of the winner, not the individual. By submitting your contact information, story and supporting material you are allowing WEA Trust to contact you if you are a winner and/or to share your response on our website, social media or other company account. WEA Trust will not share your contact information provided with any third parties.