Changes "C"

Transmittal reports make employer reporting easier.

Use “C” whenever additions “A” or deletions “D” aren’t appropriate. Changes often affect the employee’s premium. When this happens, indicate the changes on the Transmittal Report. Send it to us and, if necessary, send a new Enrollment Form.

At times, you will need to include an Enrollment Form. Please refer to the procedure for each specific change in the Employee Status and Plan Changes section. Here are some examples of changes that should be reported:

  • C – Marriage
  • C – Adoption
  • C – Employee request
  • C – Leave of absence

Note: The new premium rate will be charged for the entire month for changes that are effective on the 1st through the 15th of the month. If the change in coverage is effective the 16th through the last day of the month, the new premium will be charged the first day of the following month.

Report all additions, deletions, or changes to the Trust as soon as possible. We’ll process them promptly and ensure your invoice is up to date. If the Transmittal Report is not filled out completely, it will delay processing. Keep a copy of the Transmittal Report for your records and use in reconciling payments.


Transmittal Report

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