Deletions "D"

Transmittal reports make employer reporting easier.

Fill in the termination date (the date the employer is no longer responsible for the employee’s premium) under the “Effective Date or Termination Date” column and give the reason for termination. Here are some examples of deletions and how they should be reported:

  • D – Retired
  • D – Resigned
  • D – Deceased
  • D – Laid Off
  • D – Dismissed
  • D – Leave of absence (state type of leave)
  • D – Reduction in hours worked
  • D – End of employer-paid premium

For each deletion on the Transmittal Report Transmittal Report, complete the column marked “Last Date Worked.” This date is the last day the employee worked (or the official retirement date).

Eligible employees may choose to waive existing coverage. The Trust will terminate coverage at the end of the month in which we receive the transmittal or written notification requesting the termination.

It is important to remember that you must notify us in writing of deletions (terminations) within 30 days of the date of termination to preserve continuation rights for the employee under our group insurance policies. In addition, notify us of any events that may result in a loss of coverage under a group insurance policy, including divorce. Don’t rely on the employee or dependent to notify us. Your district may be liable for premiums for continuing insurance coverage past the termination date or the actual health care costs for a former employee or dependent if we do not receive timely notice.


Transmittal Report