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Livongo for Diabetes

End-to-end Diabetes Management

Diabetes is one of the biggest health care cost drivers in Wisconsin, costing $6.15 billion annually and affecting 475,000 adults. WEA Trust believes we can do more to take better care of members with diabetes and bend this cost curve. 

We are excited to introduce Livongo for Diabetes, an end-to-end diabetes management program available to public employers in Wisconsin through our preferred partnership with Livongo Health.

We are pleased to offer this program at no cost to you or your employees! Members* with diabetes can enroll in Livongo now. 

*Livongo is not available to State Health Plan or Medicare-Prime members 

Livongo Program Details

Livongo combines human support, real-time data, and technology into a seamless diabetes management program that truly engages participants and makes it easier to manage their condition.
 Mobile devices showing Livongo information
Step 1 is removing the financial and physical barriers to consistent tracking. Your employees who participate in Livongo will receive an interactive cellular glucose meter and unlimited test strips and lancets—all for free.
Step 2 is engaging users by combining smart analytics with meaningful support. The meter provides instant feedback on participants’ blood glucose (BG) levels. When members have questions or their BG levels are out of range, Certified Diabetes Educators are available 24/7 for support. 
WEA Trust piloted Livongo with four large employer groups in early 2016, and initial feedback and cost savings are strongly encouraging.

Enrolling in Livongo

Livongo Health will invite your employees diagnosed with diabetes to participate in the Livongo for Diabetes program. Your staff will be contacted via direct mail, email, or telephone. Livongo is not available to State Health Plan or Medicare-prime members. 

If your eligible employees with diabetes do not get contacted, they may visit Livongo’s website to enroll in the program using the registration code TRUSTDM.

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