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NOVO Health | Over 50 Bundled Procedures

At WEA Trust, we strive for high-value, afforable care. We've partnered with top providers to offer you bundled pricing on more than 50 procedures. This partnership means exceptional care for employees and savings for employers.

What is bundled pricing?

Surgeries can get expensive fast. Typically, everything from gauze and soap to the actual surgery itself are billed separately. NOVO’s bundled pricing model simplifies this by including everything related to the surgery and post-operative care into a single price. Even physical therapy is included, with no additional copay. With this, you’ll save at least 10% compared to the market price, and much higher savings with procedures like knee or hip replacements. Based on our claims data, a knee replacement done at OSI would save as much as $35,000.

But this model is much more than a cost-saving strategy. With all care delivered through NOVO Health, members experience higher quality and more coordinated care.

Savings for you, benefits for your employee:

  • Same-day priority access
  • No referral necessary (some procedures require pre-authorization from WEA Trust)
  • Superior quality where it counts:
    • Infection rate: 0.3%
    • Re-admission rate: 0.8%
  • All exam, diagnostic and treatment options at one location
  • Concierge service and amenities
  • $250 Visa Incentive Card for Member making good healthcare choices*

*At this time, State Health Plan members are not eligible for the WEA Trust incentive gift card

Map of NOVO locations in Wisconsin and Illinois

NOVO Health is redefining orthopedic surgery quality, using a specialized facility to provide muscle, bone, spine, and joint care all under one roof. NOVO Health’s quality numbers speak for themselves. Their facility’s infection rate is 0.3%, about one-third the national average infection rate for orthopedic surgeries (source: National Healthcare Safety Network). NOVO Health also has a notably low 0.8% re-admission rate (the national average is around 4%). When you consider the average price for a complication following surgery ranges up to $100,000, NOVO Health's quality difference becomes truly remarkable—for the patient’s health and the employer’s premiums. The physicians at NOVO Health are so confident in their quality that all procedures done at NOVO Health have a 90-day warranty. NOVO Healtha will address any related post-surgical complications for 90 days at no additional cost to the employee or employer, provided the care is rendered by NOVO Health providers at NOVO partnered facilities.

Potential Savings Example

Below is example imformation based on a company consisting of 150 employees, 450 insured lives, 100 claims, and 33 orthopedic claims.

Typical Procedures
Number of Procedures
NOVO Bundled Savings*
Knee Arthroscopy 13 $38,000
Rotator Cuff Repair 6 $43,000
Total Knee 3 $13,000
Total Hip 3 $12,000
Shoulder Scope 3 $11,000
ACL Repair 3 $9,000
Lumbar Discectomy 2 $23,000
Total: 33 $149,000
*As compared to average costs

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