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About the Grant

Time for Telehealth Grant Program Details


  • Enrollment Ends August 31st, 2019 at 11:59 pm CST

  • Competition Begins September 1,2019 and ends November 30, 2019


  • $3,000 per grant period awarded to a single group with 500+ enrolled employees

  • $1,500 per grant period awarded to two groups with 100-500 enrolled employees

Grant Award Usage Criteria*

Grant awards must be used to benefit the health and wellness of the member group, their families and/or their local communities.


 *Grant awards may not be used for: Debt reduction, operational deficits, interim or bridge funding | Grants to individuals, private foundations or endowment funding | Partisan, legislative, or political activity | Fees paid to a grant writer or for fundraising activities | Projects of religious organizations or bodies of worship, unless the project is secular in nature | Annual appeals or fundraising drives, activities or events | General capital campaigns unrelated to a specific project


Eligibility Criteria for Award

Eligible employer group award recipients are selected based on highest percentage increase in telehealth enrollment through two separate enrollment timeframes. 

Employer groups are eligible for awards in both enrollment timeframes but must show the highest percentage enrollment increase in each timeframe.