Remote Health Monitoring


Remote health monitoring shifts healthcare from being reactive to proactive. Through real-time communications, Care Managers are able to continually engage with members, encourage healthy choices, reduce future hospitalizations and improve overall member wellbeing.

How does remote health monitoring work?

Members self-report their real-time symptoms and feelings through calls or texts. Their responses allow Care Managers to assess and engage when their condition or symptoms are worsening.

WEA Trust is offering 6 different outreach programs

For additional information on each program please click the icons below.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
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Post-Hospitalization Discharge

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Mood Disorder
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Diabetes Remote Health Monitoring

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High Blood Pressure
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Asthma Remote Health Monitoring
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How To Get Started

1. Enroll

Click this link or call WEA Trust at 800.279.4000 to enroll in our remote health monitoring.

2. Learn More

If you have had a recent experiences that may qualify for one of these programs, you may be contacted by one of our Care Management staff to learn more about our programs.

3. Questions

Call our WEA Trust Customer Service team at 800.279.4000.


By prioritizing healthcare risk, WEA Trust Care Management is able to support, engage and outreach to members before their condition worsens.