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Advance Care Planning

Making your healthcare wishes known

Advance Care Planning allows you to express your personal values and wishes for your healthcare ahead of unforeseen illness or injury so you can get the care you want at the time you need it. WEA Trust can help you clarify your healthcare wishes and values before you are faced with a stressful medical situation.

Advance Care Planning is a lifelong process of conversations with your trusted loved ones and medical providers. It is appropriate to start this process as soon as you turn 18 years old—and revisit it every time you receive a new diagnosis, experience a major life change or a serious health event. This process is ideally facilitated by a healthcare professional who understands medical systems and can assist you in completing the legal documentation required to assign a legal healthcare decision maker.


The Advance Care Planning Process

Below is a basic checklist for the Advance Care Planning process. 

  • Hold ongoing conversations with your trusted loved ones and medical providers 
  • Your trusted loved ones become surrogate decision-makers who understand your wishes, values, and medical priorities 
  • Your values, wishes and medical priorities are documented via legal documents
  • Legal Advance Directives are reviewed or created and shared with your medical team and loved ones

Benefits of Advance Care Planning
  • Increased confidence making healthcare decisions
  • Decrease family stress

Advance Care Planning Resources


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