In partnership with INTERLINK® Networks & Programs' CancerCARE.

We think that everyone should receive the right care, at the right time and the right place. With WEA Trust + CancerCARE, we help you navigate through every step of your treatment journey. With WEA Trust + CancerCARE, we have created a clinically proven way to manage cancer better. We offer solutions that can truly impact your cancer care.


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A customized, evidence-based and supportive way to manage your care

Some cancers are more likely to be misstaged or misdiagnosed. Other cancer diagnoses require experts to supervise your care, who have specialized in your specific cancer diagnosis, which may not be available at your community hospital.

To help prevent you from receiving inappropriate or delayed care, we are introducing WEA Trust + CancerCARE to bring top-quality and personalized cancer management to you.


Customized Plan

Each treatment plan that is developed is designed specifically for you, based on your specific situation and diagnosis. Our expert oncology nurses review and monitor all treatment plans and cater your care to you.

Evidence-based Care

Our access to Centers of Excellence combined with knowledge of the most up-to-date research will ensure you are receiving the most precise evaluation prior to the start of any treatment. This helps protect you from being misdiagnosed or staged inappropriately, which often leads to mistreatment or a delay in appropriate care. Complex cases are managed in coordination with leading oncology providers to provide the highest quality care and most advanced treatment plans.


Whether you need guidance on your cancer treatment, help managing other chronic conditions or simply need to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through, our oncology nurse experts not only provide you top patient management but personal support.

How To Get Started

1. Call WEA Trust

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer, call WEA Trust at 800.279.4000.

2. Learn More

If you have had a recent cancer experience, you may be contacted by our partner CancerCARE to learn more about our program.

3. Questions

Call our WEA Trust Customer Service team at 800.279.4000.


What is CancerCARE / INTERLINK?

Who is eligible for the CancerCARE program?

All WEA Trust members excluding WEA-MedPlus and ETF Medicare.

If I already have a diagnosis and am in treatment, can I still enroll in the program?

Yes, all WEA Trust members have access to this program regardless of when they were diagnosed.

How and when does a member and provider get notified that the treatment plan is approved?

Once agreement on the treatment plan has been reached, INTERLINK will notify the provider and the member. A decision is typically reached within 24 hours.

If a member is referred to a Center of Excellence, how do I know if the provider is In Network?

If INTERLINK (on behalf of WEA) refers a member to a Center of Excellence provider, this will be covered at the In-Network benefit level.

When a member is referred to a Center of Excellence provider, INTERLINK notifies the WEA Care Manager, who will document this in an issue.


If my doctor recommends a treatment plan for me, why does WEA Trust feel they can override this?

As with all insurance companies, we use the most up do date medical guidelines developed by experts (specialists in the field) to ensure all services being requested are safe and effective for our members. These are the same guidelines that physicians are familiar with and use in many cases. WEA Trust is not telling you that you cannot have a service. That is your choice, but we will only pay for things that have been deemed medically necessary and appropriate based on national expert peer-reviewed research. These expert guidelines we have access to, increase the likelihood of better health outcomes.