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Enhanced Care Solutions

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Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits by Amwell
Amwell allows you to have on-demand video visits with experienced medical doctors on your smartphone, tablet or computer for urgent care issues. You can also schedule virtual behavioral health visits.
Virtual Visits brochure
Virtual Visits brochure for High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)

Click above for a brochure or click here to sign up.

WEA Trust Low Back Pain Program
Powered by Kiio, our Low Back Pain Program can help decrease pain and strengthen your back. Click above for a brochure or click here to sign up.


Vitality Wellness Program
Take control of your health and wellness and get engaged with our wellness program, Vitality. Click above for a brochure or click here to sign up.
*Vitality is not available for State Health Plan



Managing Your Conditions

Diabetes Management
Powered by Livongo, our diabetes management program includes a smart touchscreen glucose meter and unlimited lancets and test strips. Click above for a brochure or click here to learn more.

In partnership with INTERLINK COE Networks & Programs, our program offers a more effective way to manage your cancer. Click above for a brochure or click here to learn more.

Care Management Resource Center
Our Care Management Resource Center can help guide you through certain medical conditions or get you in touch with one of our Care Managers.


Member Information

New Member
Click above for our new member brochure and see a high level overview of all of our programs.

We created WEA-MedPlus as a custom health plan alternative for retired Wisconsin public employees. Click here to learn more. 

Maddy Portal

You can access all the important information about your benefits online on our member portal, Maddy.

Member Portal FAQs

Where and how do I sign up for the WEA Trust member portal?

Go to

Make sure to have your id card handy as you will need to provide your group and member id numbers in order to establish your account. 

What does the member portal allow me to do?

View your benefit summary

Check status of your claims

Check deductible amounts

Download and print digital copies of your id card

Submit secure messages to a Customer Service Representative

How often is data updated in the portal?

Data is updated daily. Information presented in the portal represents information processed as of the previous day. 

What if I forget my user name or password?

Go to the portal sign-on page and click on Forgot User Name and/or Password and follow the prompts.

Have your id card handy because along with your name and date of birth, you will also need to provide your member and group id numbers.

You will be prompted to answer the security questions you set up at the time you created your account. If this does not work, contact Customer Service at 800-279-4000 for assistance. 

Why can't I see my spouse's/over 18 dependent's claims?

Each member over the age of 18 must create their own portal account and then grant access to others on the plan if they wish to allow somebody else to see their information on the portal. The person they are granting access to must have their own portal account as well. 

What does it mean when it says "Eligibility Error-Not Found?"

You can sign up for a portal account after your plan coverage becomes effective, but not before. If you are trying to sign up before the effective date of your plan, you will get an error that says, “Eligibility Error-Not Found.”  Please come back to sign up for the portal once your plan takes effect. 

Will the member portal work on my mobile device?

Yes. The portal has been optimized for desktop, but you can still access it on a mobile device. 

How can I easily sort and view my claim information?

After selecting Claims Search, click on “Export Results (CSV)” located right above the “Claim Number “column and all claims will be exported into a sortable Excel spreadsheet for your convenience. 

Customer Service


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