How to Read Your WEA Trust ID Card

Your ID Card

  1. Subscriber name
  2. Insurance ID number for subscriber and dependent(s).
  3. Group number
  4. Network that the subscriber and dependent(s) are covered under 
    Select listed Network name when using Find A Doctor.
  5. Date the ID card was issued to the subscriber and dependent(s).
  6. Subscriber and dependent(s) name
  7. Insurance ID number and person code
  8. Copayment amounts you pay providers.
    • NTWK – Network office visit
    • NON-NTWK – Non-network office visit
    • PCP – Primary care doctor
    • SPEC – Specialist
    • UC – Urgent Care
    • CONV CARE - Convenient Care Clinic
    • ER – Emergency Room
    • T1 – Tier 1
    • T2 – Tier 2

​Health insurance can be complicated. Our WEA Trust Terms and Acronyms document helps define some of the health plan terms used on your ID card. Learn more by clicking on the Terms and Acronyms button below.

Terms and Acronyms


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