Diabetes Remote Health Monitoring 

Through WEA Trust Care Management

Better Manage Your Diabetes With a Little Help.

Diabetes is a controllable, often lifelong condition affecting nearly 1 in 10 adults in Wisconsin. [1]  When you or a loved one is diagnosed with diabetes by a healthcare provider, it can be overwhelming. Understanding how to live with and treat diabetes is the first step to improved health outcomes. And by managing Diabetes, the risk of additional Diabetes-related health concerns such as heart disease, kidney disease and eye conditions are minimized.

To help you monitor and manage your diabetes, WEA Trust offers the Remote Health Monitoring program. It is a clinically proven program that combines the ease of automated mobile text messages or phone calls with a team of accessible and supportive WEA Trust Care Management staff to track and support your health. The program provides immediate feedback as well as educational alerts with helpful diabetes-related information.

[1] Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services. Diabetes in Wisconsin, https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/publications/p01897.pdf

Knowledgeable Care and Support

The WEA Trust Care Management Team is available and ready to support your Diabetes monitoring journey. They are your dedicated point of contact to help with your care and will reach out if you show worsening or emergent signs or symptoms. The Care Management Team is your support system that is able to assist in managing your condition, helping you find a provider, preparing for medical visits and more. 

If you would like to contact our Care Management Team for one-on-one assistance, you can reach us by completing our online submission form



When enrolled in Remote Health Monitoring for Diabetes, your Care Manager will receive notifications based on your responses to automated mobile text messages including the following examples:

  • What is your blood sugar? (example: 100)
  • Did you eat anything in the two hours before you took your blood sugar? Please reply Yes or No.

The Care Management team will reach out should your signs or symptoms trigger an alert. And feedback is given at regular intervals to inform you about your progress and comparison to prior responses:

  • Your average blood sugar in the past two weeks is 140, which is higher than the average from the prior 2 weeks.


To sign up for Remote Health Monitoring, click the button below.

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How often will I receive communication?

You will receive communication from WEA Trust's Diabetes Care Management Team based on your preferred method and time of delivery. Members can receive messages twice a week or weekly. Per your needs and progress, communication frequency can be adjusted.

Below are some sample messages:

- What is your blood sugar? (example: 100)

- Did you eat anything in the two hours before you took your blood sugar? Please reply Yes or No.

How can I change my communication preference?

You can change your communication preference (like frequency, timing, or calls versus texts) by contacting the Care Management Team. Should you no longer wish to receive messages, you can text "Stop" at any time on your mobile phone or press " * " (star) on the keypad on your landline phone.


How does Diabetes Care Management monitor my condition?

Diabetes Care Management uses your responses to automated messages to identify signs and symptoms of blood glucose sugar changes. The intervention monitors long-term health to provide you with an objective way of tracking your progress and allows your care manager to offer resources based on the type of care appropriate for your level of need. 

Based on your response, WEA Trust will trigger alerts to your Care Manager and the WEA Trust Care Management team if you report that your breathing is worse than usual. 

Your self-reported updates also help assist the Care Management Team providing additional information on your type of condition, your treatment options, additional tools and resources and more.

What level of engagement is required?

Engagement is simple and convenient. You can opt to receive questions from a landline or mobile phone, meaning you may receive an automated call or text message of the question. You can also schedule when you’d like to receive the communication, even if that’s after your day is ending. Engagement is important in driving successful outcomes. 

In fact, according to a JMIR Diabetes (Journal of Medical Internet Research for Diabetes) study, the average reduction in HbA1c in 4 months with using this type of program is 1.5%. 


What are other members that are using Diabetes Care Management saying?

  • "It reminds me to tests my sugars and to take my insulin. Helps keep me accountable. When my sugars spiked an actual person called to give me support. This may have saved my life.”

  • “Helps me feel better about myself and helps control blood sugars better. Excellent service and technology."